Craft New York 2019 at Lincoln center NY

Spring greeting & Upcoming show

Yuh Okano
at Craft New York
Spring scarves inspired by the butterfly’s dream
Damrosch park at Lincoln center
June 8 (S), 2019 : 10 a.m. ā€“ 7 p.m.
June 9 (S), 2019 : 10 a.m. ā€“ 5 p.m.

Back to Brooklyn from the wonderful and successful 22nd show in Kiryu Japan. Special thanks to my photography crew members !!

I would like to continue my botanical collection ” The butterfly’s dream ”
at the next show in NYC.
Hope to see you at the Craft New York!
Please see the map at Lincoln center. My Booth is #L1102ā€¦/2019_CNY_Floorplan_Brochure_Map.pā€¦

-Yuh Okano

New Botanical series of Silk hand-painted scarf
in medium size and small size will be presented at the show.
Photographer / Bunsei Matsuura Model / Hatsumi Nomura Location / Kiryu Japan

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