About Sihne Silk

Sihne silks, new scarf brand from TextilesYuh & Shin Komatsu,  works with high quality Japanese Silk and unique processes including Shrinkage and degumming to creates stunning surfaces which project three-dimensional illusions.

TextilesYuh by Yuh Okano, Soft with flow and energy, her scarves are fun and fanciful contriving features of coral and sea animals immersed under water. Yuh gained her basic design skills in Tokyo before coming to the US, In the late 90’s Yuh’s distinct ability and flair began attracting prominent clients. Her expertise and work was sought by fashion and fiber art. Her creations were included in Donna Karan and Martha Stewart. Shortly thereafter, TextilesYuh was born in Brooklyn NY

Shin Komatsu, born in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture is famous for silk textiles for silk cultivation has flourished here since early times. Kiryu silk is renowned for its tradition and high quality as it has been called “Kyoto to the west and Kiryu to the east”. He has been working over 50 years focusing silk textiles company “Ambient “ and his client are mainly in Japan, but Museum of Modern Art featuring his works as Shin Komatsu.