Yuh Okano

Yuh works with several quality textiles and processes 
including silk and Shibori. Yuh creates stunning surfaces 
that project three-dimensional illusions.
Her scarves are fun and fanciful, soft with flow and energy, bringing to mind features of coral and sea animals immersed under water.
Yuh learned her basic design skills in Tokyo, and then came to the US and completed her education at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has shared her ideas and taught all over the world.
In the late 90’s Yuh’s distinct ability and flair began attracting prominent clients. Her expertise and work was sought by fashion and fiber art. Her creations were included in Donna Karan and Martha Stewart collections. Shortly thereafter, TextilesYuh was born.
From her new studio in Chestertown MD, (Brooklyn New York based for 20 years),  Yuh continues to develop and define her exceptional concepts, including “Structure and Surface,” a contemporary Japanese textile at Museum of Modern Art NY. Yuh exhibits extensively in Japan and the United States.

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