2020.1-TextilesYuh Chestertown MD USA
2005.01-2019.12TextilesYuh NY USA
2000-2012TextilesYuh Co.,LTD Japan
2015-American Craft Council show, San Francisco, Baltimore
2018-American Craft Exposition Chicago
2016-Craft at the Cathedral New York
2017,2018,2020Smithsonian Craft Show Washington DC
2017Philadelphia Art Museum Craft Show Philadelphia PA
2001-2014Designing and producing scarf accessories to fashion market in USA Client / Donna Karan international
2001.9-2011.8Shop YUH (fashion accessories store), Kiryu Japan
2011.9-2016.2Fiber futures : Japan's Textile Pioneers Design@ Contextile, Guimaraes Portugal, Gjethuset Frederiksvark Denmark,Madrid Spain, Helsinki Design Museum Finland, Museum of Craft and Fork Art SF, Japan Society NYC, Tokyo
2010.11Sculptural Scarves; Textile Forum TAFTA/The Geelong AU
2008.6Art Exhibition "Bread as Art" Slovene Ethnographic Museum,Ljubliana, Slovenia
2007.10Workshop and Exhibition at benedict house, Quenbean AU
2004Glowing Fabric, Yurin-Kan Kiryu Japan
2002Constructed Fabric" Kobe Fashion Museum, Japan
2001Contemporary Fabric" Tokyo National Museum of Art, Japan
1998Contemporary Japanese Textiles" Museum of Modern Art New York, St Louise Art Museum, Museum of Modern Art San Francisco, USA
1994-1996 Epidermis" Solo Exhihibiton, Ginza Tokyo, Japan
1991BFA at Rhode Island School of Design, USA
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