In Yuh’s art and design practice, her focus is first and foremost on the raw materials, interrogating either their latent qualities or their relationship with man and nature. She looks carefully at both the mysterious products of the natural world, and the artificial fabrics that can be freely created today thanks to vast range of chemical technologies. Each work is developed by maintaining a close bond between Yuh’s artistic expression and the economic and creative value inherent in the material she uses.
Since 1991, her creations have come about by a combination of handwork craft and machine technology. She also has had commercial lines produced since 2000 in the world-renowned Kiryu, Japan, a place known for its precision textile crafters and their attention to detail.

Yuh Okano, a Brooklyn NY-based textile artist for 20 years and in 2020, moved to Chestertown MD, whose pieces are inspired by a deep fascination with the natural world. Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art and is in its permanent collection (https://www.moma.org/artists/23267). Yuh’s pieces are invitingly tactile. They employ a range of color and texture that strives to be as subtle and finely detailed as the organic forms her works suggest. Their soft feel and gently flowing shapes evoke a sense of connection with plant life, flowers, and ocean creatures.

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