Hand-Pleated Scarf with Flower Petals


Hand-Pleated Scarf with Flower Petals
50% Velvet Rayon, 50% polyester

The vibrant petals look like they have been scattered by the wind, and the scarf’s cotton-polyester blend and hand-pleated design accentuate this movement. The two-toned dye and devoré painting technique create semi-transparent petals, with the scarf surging into life like a tree that has been awaiting spring all winter long and finally blossoms in the warm air. The petals drift down, and the scarf is like a soft hand ready to hold onto the beautiful and ethereal energy of spring. Wearable for all occasions, this scarf floats with radiant light.

Velvet Rayon 50% Polyester 50%
L 140cm x W 35cm
L 54’ x W 21 ”

– Do not dry clean.
– Gentle wash in cold water with using delicate detergents.
– Do not tumble dry.
– Dry in shade
– Do not iron

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