Floral silk scarf / season 3


The Flower collection is made by hand painting in each piece, through the moment of longing spring. Longing the color of the season

I painted on Silk double woven fabric with my aspiration and language of the flowers.
Poppy ( Consolation) Osmanthus ( Humility ) Lotus ( Estranged Love ) Chrysanthemum (Love )

The richness of color gives you full  bloom in your heart.
Fabric is Made in North of Japan. Two tone of texture by painting with de-gumming process to creates the element shine and soft/ crisp.
Elegantly wrap around your body and great feeling of soft touch.

– Do not machine wash or tumble dry.
– Prefer to dry clean. Or Gentle wash in cold water with using delicate detergents.
– Dry in shade
– Do not iron directly, place a cloth in between the scarf and iron.

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