Floral Hand-painted silk scarf Small / season 4


The Flower collection is made by hand painting in each piece, through the moment of longing beauty of season.

Chrysanthemum ( Love ), Clematis (Ingenuity ), Wisteria ( Bond ), LotusĀ  (Estranged love), Astragalus ( Calm )

I painted on Silk double woven fabric with my aspiration and language of the flowers.
The richness of color gives you fullĀ  bloom in your heart.
Fabric is Made in North of Japan. Two tone of texture by painting with de-gumming process to creates the element shine and soft/ crisp.
Elegantly wrap around your body and great feeling of soft touch.

– Do not machine wash or tumble dry.
– Prefer to dry clean. Or Gentle wash in cold water with using delicate detergents.
– Dry in shade
– Do not iron directly, place a cloth in between the scarf and iron.

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