Spring scarf collection/ Silk Cotton Shawl / Flowing river water

Silk Cotton Shawl  /  Flowing river water

Here I am in Chestertown,

the second month of lockdown for COVID-19 prevention.

Keeping us 6 feel apart…

No future prospects of what we are heading into,  as if the weather read our mind, there is a lot of rain and overcast skies.

I drove down to south from Chestertown to Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, that connects the Chester River and the Eastern bay.

Light of the sky, sun and river were marge together in shade of gray blue.

The rapeseed field of yellow spread all over around there.

It is in this season, and only this moment that is not eternal.

But you can memorize it.

Cotton silk shawl

Silk 50% Cotton 50%, color / sky blue, pearl gray, canola yellow, bazaar red

limited production in colors.

Hand-Painted silk cotton scarf / Flowing river water

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