“Fiber Futures. Pioneros del arte textil japonés” Madrid Spain now

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Exposición “Fiber Futures. Pioneros del  arte textil japonés

Inauguración: miércoles 2 de abril, a las 19:00h.

Abierta al público:
del 3 de Abril al 18 de Mayo de 2014.

c arte c. Centro de Arte Complutense.
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

“Fiber Futures” Pioneers of Japanese Textile Art

“Fiber Futures” Pioneers of Japanese Textile Art, is an exhibit consisting of the 30 most important contemporary artists who make up the vanguard of the global fiber movement. Tissues  become sculptures, paintings; creating abstract meditations of nature, artists use unexpected combinations of materials and shapes, interpreting personal identity and memory issues. Materials ranging from silk, cotton or hemp to paper pulp and synthetic fiber, use deeply traditional methods but also use the latest technologies in weaving and in dyeing with environmental awareness, creating works that blend the past and present and are innovative, beautiful and provocative. Not only does it reflect the fecundity of the artistic Japanese tradition, but it also talks about the capacity of resistance and ingenuity of the Japanese people to reuse the past in order to give shape to a future

The exhibition is curated by a prestigious jury, promoted by Hiroko Watanabe of the N.P.O International Textile Network Japan, directed in Spain by María Ortega, coordinated by Amalia Campos and Imelda Fernandez of the Organization World Textile Art and the Complutense University of Madrid. It is included in the official programming of the Dual year between Spain/Japan 2013-2014 in commemoration of 400 years of Japanese Exchange this event form part of the itinerant program being developed from 2011 to 2015 in the following cities Tokyo (Japan), New York (USA), San Francisco (USA), Helsinki (Finland), Frederiksværk (Denmark), Madrid (Spain), Guimarães (Portugal) and Paris (France). It also has a parallel program that includes workshops and conferences.

The participating artists: Machiko Agano, Mitsuko Akutsu, Junichi Arai, Tomoko Arakawa, Tetsuo Fujimoto, Dai Fujiwara, Akio Hamatani, Kyoko Ibe, Kiyomi Iwata, Yasuko Iyanaga, Naomi Kobayashi, Kinya Koyama, Shigeo Kubota, Kyoko Kumai, Akiko Kumazawa, Tetsuo Kusama, Hitomi Nagai, Emiko Nakano,  Yuh Okano, Fuminori Ono, Kazuyo Onoyama, Rei Saito, Hisako Sekijima, Naoko Serino, Reiko Sudo, Hideho Tanaka, Takaaki Tanaka, Misao Tsubaki, Atsuko Yoshioka, Hiroko Watanabe.


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