A fox that borrows the authority of a tiger from Yuh Okano’s January Newsletter 2022

This year is the year of the tiger. It is a fox that borrows the power of a tiger, “Chengyua” type of traditional Chinese idiomatic expression.

I changed the fox to myself and made it a scarf motif.
It looks like a tiger, strong, confident and brave, but you may be sly fox , want to enjoy some tricks.

Please enjoy “A fox that borrows the authority of a tiger” hand-painted scarf in Cashmere 50% Merino 50% scarf


Thank you all for wonderful year!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very Bright New Year! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Without you we would not be here enjoying yet another holiday season.
It’s been a long couple years, with trials and tribulations. But we made it through, and I am looking forward to a wonderful New Year. Thank you, sincerely. Best wishes to you and yours and see you in 2022!

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*Makunouchi-bento is a type of lunch box, usually have a varied assortment of accompanying dishes, each in a small amount. In particular, broiled fish, a Japanese style omelet, fish sausage, deep-fried food, Japanese pickles and boiled and seasoned food can be seen.

“Namaste Tsitsipas” scarf

Namaste Tsitsipas from Yuh Okano’s Newsletter 2021. My thought and expression turned into scarves. This project is seasonal in September, I talked about a bathroom-break problematic situation during the tennis match in the US Open. Stefanos Tsitsipas from Greece took frequent bathroom breaks during one match, and his opponent objected. It was problematic, but nothing is easy for everyone., So take a moment and breath deep, and find yourself. Namaste.

“Hotaru no Hikari (The Glow of a Firefly)” and Flies

A story from July Newsletter 2021

Hello everyone. I hope you have a wonderful summer.

This summer, I have more to spending my yard and outside.
I realized how lots of lives sharing with us in Chestertown MD.
A firefly and a fly—both have “fly” in their names, but they are different species. A firefly is a calm and likable insect, while a fly is constantly moving and is an annoying pest. But regardless of whether I like them or not, they maintain a balance in nature, I think. I drew these two contrasting creatures on my scarves.
I wish you good health –– let’s all do our best day by day.

My story for July 2021 “Hotaru no Hikari (The Glow of a Firefly)” 
and Flies From the inspiration, I created hand-painted on the 100% silk scarf .Please see more detail at http://textilesyuh.com/product/from-july-newsletter-firefly-and-fly/