Mt. Fuji Veiled in Spring Haze

“Mt. Fuji Veiled in Spring Haze” from Yuh Okano’s April 2022 Newsletter.
One very fine day at Zushi Beach in Kanagawa Prefecture, I saw Mt. Fuji faintly behind the spring haze, while floating cherry blossom petals, from Morito Shrine, shimmered on the surface of the sea. I thought it very mysterious and beautiful.

From March 2022 Newsletter/ Water Planet

Hand-painting scarf – From March 2022 Newsletter/ Water Planet

The earth is called a water planet because it has a lot of water.
With grace and prayer for the earth and with a wish for peace to Ukraine.

“Hotaru no Hikari (The Glow of a Firefly)” and Flies

A story from July Newsletter 2021

Hello everyone. I hope you have a wonderful summer.

This summer, I have more to spending my yard and outside.
I realized how lots of lives sharing with us in Chestertown MD.
A firefly and a fly—both have “fly” in their names, but they are different species. A firefly is a calm and likable insect, while a fly is constantly moving and is an annoying pest. But regardless of whether I like them or not, they maintain a balance in nature, I think. I drew these two contrasting creatures on my scarves.
I wish you good health –– let’s all do our best day by day.

My story for July 2021 “Hotaru no Hikari (The Glow of a Firefly)” 
and Flies From the inspiration, I created hand-painted on the 100% silk scarf .Please see more detail at