September events

Hello everyone,

Last week, I had a summer sales event at my new home base, Chestertown,
for the first time since I moved here.
Face coverings and disinfections––health and safety issues are my primary concerns. Keeping this in mind, I would like to hold sales events regularly from now on.

September event /

The Made by Hand Pop-Up Store
September 4th to 27th
American Craft Council San Francisco Bay Area Craft Week
September 7th to 13th

I look forward to seeing you sometime somewhere.

Please take good care of yourself.

Yuh Okano

Summer Studio Sale

Summer Studio Sale
August 29, 11-3

I will have my first studio sale on August 29.
The sale will be in Chestertown, 5 minutes walk from downtown, where you can also visit the Create Gallery and Faith Wilson & Marilee Schumann’s studio sale as well.

May go to the cafe, Evergrain Bread Company and the farmers market. Sitting by the Chestertown river will be lovely.

I will show hand crafted on of kind scarves, hand bags and fiber accessories.
Price will be vary from the special bargain prices $30.00 to Toto hand bag $450.00.

Please make an appointment for the safety.
August 29, 11-3

More information, appointment and questions,

And for Faith and Marileen’s studio sale,


The azalea flower was originally from China, that was improved in Europe and spread to the west.The flower’s name means “abstinence and enduring human desires.” Is there any connection to the time now?
Azalea ( and Rhododendrons ) bloom a lot in the area where I grew up. Rather than blooming in nature,It was the part of regional development the company and the public responsible to create the name of the town,”Tsutsujigaoka- Japanese Azalea” , and “Satsukigaoka- Rhododendrons “,both are the family of Azalea, and planted along the streets of the town.In early summer, azaleas start blooming all over the street in my town and switched to Rhododendrons after Azaleas. In Japanese, Satsuki= Rhododendrons means fifth month of the Japanese lunar calendar (June). So plants bloom late (May, June and July). They are always special to me in this season.

Azalea Magenta & Silver gray
200cm  x 51 cm  shawl: Silk100%
Photographer Bunsei Matsuura   Model Hatsumi
Location Kiryu Gunma 2019

The Blue Moon

The Moon

When I lived in New York, I often watched the sun and the moon. The rows of brown stone houses line up west to the right, east to the left, and the sun beautifully illuminates the road. A long shadow appears when you walk on the back of the western sun, and when you walk toward the sunset,  you cover your eyes from dazzling sun. I’m always excited to encounter
the moon come out with the different size, shape, and color. It is beautiful to see a big round full moon from the valley of a building in Manhattan, or to see a yellow line arc over the night sky.

Today is a full moon night. Today, I will take a walk to encounter the full moon in Chestertown. Photo / Benton Collins, Model / Nola Sporn Smith

79 x 31 inches shawl: 100% Cotton, shibori adornment: 100% polyester

Spring scarf collection/ Silk Cotton Shawl / Flowing river water

Silk Cotton Shawl  /  Flowing river water

Here I am in Chestertown,

the second month of lockdown for COVID-19 prevention.

Keeping us 6 feel apart…

No future prospects of what we are heading into,  as if the weather read our mind, there is a lot of rain and overcast skies.

I drove down to south from Chestertown to Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, that connects the Chester River and the Eastern bay.

Light of the sky, sun and river were marge together in shade of gray blue.

The rapeseed field of yellow spread all over around there.

It is in this season, and only this moment that is not eternal.

But you can memorize it.

Cotton silk shawl

Silk 50% Cotton 50%, color / sky blue, pearl gray, canola yellow, bazaar red

limited production in colors.

Hand-Painted silk cotton scarf / Flowing river water