Epidermis / Bags

Bags collection will be exhibited at Wabisabiya Kiryu Japan, 2017/9/21-24 10am-6pm

Epidermis = skin, surface / inspired by Ocean and Forest.

Bags are made in Peterson New Jersey USA.

Summer NYC event in 2017

Summer scarves by Yuh Okano at American Crafts Festival on June 10, 11th 2017 Saturday Noon-9pm, Sunday 10am-7pm

Please visit at Booth # 224A.

Photographer/ Satoshi Shoda, Model / Hatumi Nomura

Smithsonian Craft show 2017/4/27-30

Every year, the prestigious Smithsonian Craft Show highlights some of the finest craft artists in the country—and this year’s show includes 21 of our artists! Discover the extraordinary talent and creativity that earn these virtuosos such high accolades.