“Namaste Tsitsipas” scarf

Namaste Tsitsipas from Yuh Okano’s Newsletter 2021. My thought and expression turned into scarves. This project is seasonal in September, I talked about a bathroom-break problematic situation during the tennis match in the US Open. Stefanos Tsitsipas from Greece took frequent bathroom breaks during one match, and his opponent objected. It was problematic, but nothing is easy for everyone., So take a moment and breath deep, and find yourself. Namaste.

Embedded Memories

Newsletter from August 2021, Goldfish, which appear in the film A Garden of Camellias, are considered the quintessence of summer in Japan. In olden days, every household in Japan had goldfish. So I drew them on my scarves this month.

Chestertown Seasonal Art Walk 2020

Holiday season in 2020, Due to Coved-19, 
most of the events have been canceled this year.
But there is one very fun event!
Chestertown Seasonal Art Walk will be held On December 5th
Hosted by 
Chestertown Arts & Entertainment District - Historic Downtown 
Please come and visit us! 


Thanks to Robert Ortiz for inviting my works.

The Smithsonian Craft Show


The Smithsonian Craft Show is going virtual this year
– and I’ll be there!
Come visit my online shop and see my latest work,
October 13-25, on​​ bidsquare.com​.

Please take a view @smithsoniancraftshowsswc

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