Mt. Fuji Veiled in Spring Haze

“Mt. Fuji Veiled in Spring Haze” from Yuh Okano’s April 2022 Newsletter.
One very fine day at Zushi Beach in Kanagawa Prefecture, I saw Mt. Fuji faintly behind the spring haze, while floating cherry blossom petals, from Morito Shrine, shimmered on the surface of the sea. I thought it very mysterious and beautiful.

From March 2022 Newsletter/ Water Planet

Hand-painting scarf – From March 2022 Newsletter/ Water Planet

The earth is called a water planet because it has a lot of water.
With grace and prayer for the earth and with a wish for peace to Ukraine.

My Darling

Yuh Okano’s February Newsletter 2022

Covid Pandemic changed our consciousness of distance from others.
How close should to be with our loved ones?

hand-painted scarf in Cashmere 50% Merino 50% scarf